WhatsApp “Delete for Everyone” feature has been rolled out. Check it out!


These all social media apps are surprising us in many ways. Day after day WhatsApp is rolling out its new feature after status update now here comes the new update where you can delete the message which you want to if by mistake you have sent the message in a group or a personal chat.

Yes, guys, this is true which is no doubt a useful feature from WhatsApp, this feature has been announced for all the devices starting from Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and WebClient.

The Facebook has officially announced the Delete for everyone feature, as soon as the user deletes the message it will show on the chat “This message was deleted” and on the recipient chat as well, this just means if in a group you do this then choose the “delete for everyone” option.


Now, I will tell you how this feature will work. First of all both the sender and recipient should have the latest version of WhatsApp, if the sender is not using the latest version on their phone, then this feature will not be supported on their phones whether it’s a Windows phone, Android or iOS.

On the other hand, the big announcement which WhatsApp has made about delete for everyone feature is the sender should be quick to delete the message and that too in 7 minutes, that means you just got 7 minutes to delete the message if you are unable to delete the message within 7 minutes then you will not be able to delete the message.


When you will try to delete the message whether on group or on the personal chat two options will appear on your screen “Delete for everyone” and “Delete for me” if the sender chooses the option Delete for Me then there will be no effect on the recipient phone they will still be able to see the message but if you choose the option of delete for everyone then the sender, as well as the recipient both, will not be able to see the message.


Overall if you will see WhatsApp has introduced this feature so that the person doesn’t feel sorry to say that “sorry wrong chat” in this case the user can instantly delete the message.

WhatsApp has every good feature built-in, now let’s see what will be the next significant feature from WhatsApp.



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