Watch all the videos and pics of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s Haldi, Ring Ceremony and Jaimala!



Leaving the duo, everybody knows that everybody will keep aside all the work and will celebrate the famous and adorable couple “secret marriage.” I bet you will need a bunch of tissues to watch their haldi, ring ceremony, and marriage videos. Seriously very emotional and touching videos and images, they have become an inspiration for the future generation who are planning to do love marriage.

What a scene it would be for the people who have attended the wedding, the famous duo is so happy and enjoying to the fullest. The wedding took place in Tuscany, Italy and the resort which was booked for the marriage is Borgo Finocchieto which is known as a heritage resort surrounded by the vineyards near Siena, Tuscany. Oh god, the smell of vine would have allure more the couple a feeling of joy and love for each other.

We have uploaded a number of videos and images for our readers which will take you to another world full of love and happiness a never seen video and marriage in the history of Bollywood nor Cricket.

The spectacular Virat Kohli and the adorable Anushka are looking great in their outfits. I feel that Sabyasachi has worked hard for Anushka to design for her especially the way she wanted at the time of Jaimal ceremony, she is looking perfect in a pale pink lehenga and the jewelry is outrageous in the pictures.

The cute bride enters, and Virat is looking very emotionally towards her, perfect moment capture.

In a haldi rasam, Virat is being trolled by the relatives.

The internet has viral their cute name is known as Virushka, and everybody is congratulating by this name to the duo, we also congratulate the famous duo who have done the secret wedding so systematically that shook the world. All the best for the future and hearty Congratulations Virushka.


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