Send your WhatsApp messages via Google Assistant.


We all know that WhatsApp is one of the famous apps in the world regarding chat and increasing virtual voice messages and video calling services are in demand and are a vital part of our lives. On the other hand, it’s fundamental in-built feature in all the Smartphones.


We all know about the Google Assistant feature in the Smartphones which can record the voice, stream videos on YouTube. So, why we don’t make the full use of the Google Assistant? We should use it and ask Google Assistant to send the command to record and transmit the voice message to your contacts on WhatsApp.


Without unlocking your phone you can’t send the voice message to your WhatsApp contacts, but with Google Assistant you can do that without unlocking your phone which is quite easy and fast.

In this article, I will tell you the exact ways to install and to use Google Assistant on your Android device.

The first step which you should take is, install Google Voice Assistant on your mobile, once you will install press the home button for few seconds and say ‘Ok Google.’

Now, you are ready to explore the all-new Google Assistant on your phone.

But one crucial thing I would like to share with you is about the duplicate contact if there is a duplicate contact on your phone then delete it because at the time of sending the voice message Google might not take the language as it doesn’t except all languages.


To start the experience you just need to say by tapping on the Google Assistant that send this message to XYZ, now leave rest on Google Assistant.

Here, XYZ is the name of the contact or group name on your WhatsApp and on the other hand, if we come on the languages which are supported by the Google Assistant are Hindi, French, Japanese and Portuguese.



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