A new version WhatsApp Status coming to your devices



After appearing on the beta version, WhatsApp seems to have got on with a new colour text status feature going live for users today onward. This new feature will let users set their WhatsApp status with a colourful background with even bold text that has gone live for Android and IOS devices. The feature comes from current owners of WhatsApp, Facebook. It was very recent when Facebook had introduced a coloured text pattern for a status as a feature on its Android app that will allow the users on Facebook to write status updates on a solid coloured background along with emojis. People have been using it now for quite some time now and this has been taken well by the users of the platform.


This new feature of the app is quite the same as the one which is available with them on both Android smartphones and iPhones. This new feature rollout will happen gradually, so the feature may take time to reach to the entire data base. You won’t see it immediately in the status section of the app


Apple iPhone peeps will find a pen icon that will pop up the right next to the camera icon, the new Status bar. Whereas for the Android users, they will see the new pen icon appear up and above the camera icon near the status bar.


As per the testing team evaluation, it is the Android update that seems to have gotten the update first as far as the operating system functionality is considered. Apple users may have to wait a little longer for the update.


Another hint is that WhatsApp will soon come up with Instagram style stickers in status.

WhatsApp will be working on the feature which will allow users to apply stickers on their photos as well.



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