The Judwaa 2 song is creating rage and going viral on the internet

Varun Dhawan’s new song from his upcoming film, Judwaa 2- Chalti Hai Kya 9 Se 12 is making everyone go all nostalgic. Have you danced to this heart thumping number yet? We’re quite sure that you’ve. This song is going viral for all the right reasons and it is crazy to see such kind of reactions from all over. The views have just been on an upside. The song video has over 10 million views within 24 hours. The views read around 14,460,360 on Sunday afternoon. To put it clear the song released on Friday morning and now has around 101, 187 likes on YouTube which is just increasing by the minute.
Chalti Hai Kya 9 Se 12 is a re-composed version of the track Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Tara, which was the original song featured in Judwaa part 1 in the year 1997, starring Salman Khan.
Chalti Hai Kya 9 Se12 is the first song released from the new movie which will be releasing this year. The trailer of the movie Judwaa 2 was launched last week and also had so many reasons to smile by the end of 24 hours it had received 14 million views. Currently, it sits with  over 16,098,695 times and has 202,758 ‘likes.’
Before launching the song to the audience Varun got hold of Karishma Kapoor for a video. Rambha was Karishma’s other co-star in this Bollywood classic Judwaa while Salman Khan played a double role, just as Varun is doing in the remake.
Oonchi Hai Building is another iconic song from the first Judwaa movie that has been revamped for Judwaa 2, movie which is also directed by the director of the original Judwaa and Varun’s father David Dhawan. He directed Judwaa with Salman Khan and now has directed Varun in the same role. Salman Khan is set to do a cameo in the climax sequence of the film, Judwaa 2 is set to hit screens on September 29.



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