iBall has launched another notebook at an extremely low price with Windows 10


It has been more than a year that iBall launched its last notebook, it was the iBall Compbook Exemplaire, a 14-inch notebook which was priced less than Rs. 15,000 at that time. Last time we found the product to be less powerful and not very strong. But ultimately, we have received something worth the wait, as iBall again has launched their latest offering in the notebook segment, and one of the key factors, here again, will be the price because there are not many products in this price range. So, let us know get our hopes too high and try to find the right basics here.


As we all know that the successor to is supposed to be better in terms of everything, at least that is what expected in the category. The price here still seems like a great deal because it is the same price. iBall has launched it’s Compbook Marvel 6. which looks very similar but has newer technology in it.


The first look suggests that you won’t be able to tell that this is one of the cheaper or very low-cost laptop present out there, as the looks say a different story. The outer lid and shell is made of blue-greyish plastic. The only thing that tells about the identity if the product is the logo of iBall. The bottom does not have vents because the low power of the CPU does not require a fan.


One of the biggest add-ons here is the large screen, a keyword which is quite usable, the weight of the product is not much, a  latest Windows 10 full-featured version and battery life. We can’t say if this device will be able to handle the physical and as well as performance pressure on a day to day basis, but as to go by the price, you could upgrade given the lower price of the product.


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