Can iPhone X freeze in this Cold Weather?



According to the reports, Apple users are facing the freezing problem in their iPhone X that as soon as they step in the cold weather, the phone does not function well and doesn’t respond as well.


Many of them also commented that when the phone is locked, it doesn’t get a response and shows all the information incorrect and as soon as the phone is unlocked the phone comes on the track again. This might turn users irritating if they want to open a file instantly.


Under the social media platform like Reddit, the users have said that they faced a lot of problems in their iPhone X as soon as they stepped out from their houses in cold weather the touch didn’t respond the way they wanted while clicking some other links started opening in the browser.


The company has also stated over this issue that they are aware of such matters and they have already started working on the process.

The company also stated in one of the conferences that all iPods, iPads, and iPhone have a built-in temperature under which they can run if you go beyond that then phone may change its behavior of working.


On the other hand, when users have commented that they have faced a green line on their screen in the middle of the phone which is very much scary as the users have spent their hard earned money on the phone which they can’t see like this. Apple should take serious steps, and the phones must be replaced if the user approaches the customer support.


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