Apple iPhone launch might have to face competition in the month of September



With all the hype created by the iconic iPhone launch, maker Apple which will create all the headlines with the tenth-anniversary edition of the next iPhone in September, there is another phone from China which is due for a launch in September, there is another smartphone maker from China which is popularly known as the “Apple of China” Xiaomi is looking forward to launching their next flagship model on the same day as Apple’s flagship device.
The report goes on to say that Xiaomi is likely to launch the much-anticipated phone Mi Mix 2 smartphone on September 12. The market is flooded with speculations and estimates that if the Chinese smartphone manufacturers will be able to grab the attention and limelight from Apple on the big- event day.
On the other hand, there are several experts who are of the opinion that the Mi Mix 2 surely has something extraordinary and that is the reason that company has decided to lock horns with Apple as far as the launch day is concerned. It would be an interesting scenario to witness the fight for the lime light between these two arch rivals.
The user base of Apple is much stronger and vivid in terms of location and interest as the company has a habit of launching new iPhones every year in the month of September for which customers wait throughout the year. Not to forget that Xiaomi will launch their device in China only whereas Apple’s launch of their flagship device would be global.
As per the reports, the new offering from Vivo Mi Mix 2 will come with an 18:9 aspect ratio display with 95 percent screen and body ration. The flagship device will probably have a 6.4-inch display with dual curved AMOLED 2K display. With 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.



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