Android O Media Notifications Will Be Colored. And, it’s Not The Best Thing!


Some ideas are not actually that good when you put them to execution and some and they never have that much impact as much as you expect them to have. Not sure about the idea of colourizing the media notifications in Android O fits into the “good” parameter of ideas or not. But maybe, it’s an idea that needs to change.

If you’re not even sure what is this all about then read further, when launched Android O will take about a year to get on the majority of phones out there —  the latest version allows developers to build rich media notifications that include playback controls, album art and a different color template based on the album or video thumbnail. At this point, Google Play Music and YouTube will give you these new colourized notifications if you’re running the Android O beta.

Since this is a beta version, that means there’s a chance the final product won’t look anything like this, but that chance is slim. But I still want to give my feedback while there is time. Readability issues can be easily fixed. There’s a numerical value attached to each colour, and the software can be written so that certain numerical values won’t ever be shown together. No more white text on light pink. But that still doesn’t fix the fact that you might have one light pink notification beside a normal one. Maybe, one light pink one and one orange one. Or two brown ones with different colour text.

A notification that’s not base grey with darker grey lettering (on the Pixel launcher, because that’s different on every phone) is neat. A splash of colour goes a long way and can help brighten things up. But eventually, you’ll come across a colourized notification that’s a colour combo you can’t read (Tom Petty’s Damn the Torpedos in Google Play will throw a pink notification with white lettering that refuses to show up in a photo of an AMOLED screen).


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