Android O is finally here, with a bunch of Amazing features

On Monday, Google said that they will be announcing their next Android mobile operating system. Today was the day when Google had made this announcement and as per their previous tradition of naming the operating versions after a dessert. Android Oreo, also could be called as version 8 on technical terms. This version will bring in various fun features on your mobiles, these features are very interesting as well as very advanced and futuristic. Features like picture-in-picture mode, which allows you to watch a video in a resizable and movable small window over and above any app. Google is also trying to create a channel for notification which could be customized fully by any Android user.
An additional charge and notification badge would be coming to all the apps where the user will be allowed to see the notification any particular app has received and if it needs the attention of the user or not. Also, another new feature called the “snoozing” will enable people to snooze a notification and also to make it reappear as per wish, later or whenever they feel is required.
This version of the Android will also help the devices to boot up faster than before. The time that a phone takes from the time it switches on to the time it reaches the home screen, as per the company, this process will make the phone twice as fast than their own flagship device Google Pixel. Google will also be making it easier for people to log-in on different apps, as the auto-fill feature will now hit the apps as well. The Android instant app will finally arrive, where you could download the app from the browser itself and need not download the app from the play store without the installation to get a first-hand experience of the app.
Already after one year of its release, Android Nougat is hardly available on Android devices. Only 13.5 percent of Android users in the world are using it. This is the most updated data which Google on its Dashboard has provided us with. There is a lot of delay in getting app updates, hence the phone more or less becomes outdated. Google is also trying to fix this issue with Android Oreo.




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