Aksar 2 finally hits the theater: Check out the Full Movie review


Aksar 2 is the budget film which was to be released on October 6 but was delayed and released today, its the budget film in which most of the shooting is done in the Mauritius.


The movie Aksar 2 starring Zareen Khan as Sheena Roy, Gautam Rhode as Patrick Sharma which is an investment banker, Miss Khambatta as Lillete Dubey and Sheena’s boyfriend the role is played by Abhinav Shukla.


The acting is perfectly done by Gautam Rhode who has come back in a movie after ages. On the other hand, Zareen’s acting is not upto the mark as it was expected from the viewers but Gautam’s fans will like surely the acting of his.


The Director Ananth Narayan Mahadevan manages to direct the film in the right direction from starting to end the movie was full of suspense the second half of the film was more better and the film takes the turning point when Patrick the investor asks to make sexual relationship with the nurse (Zareen Khan) who takes care of Miss Khambatta.


Later in this film Sheena also reveals her sides which were quite thrilling, everybody is in the house with some moto, this is the movie which is full of suspense, the opening is good but later on, the movie shows no point.
The songs are really nice as the Aksar first part, in that movie the climax was unpredictable but in this the climax is predictable.



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