Essential phone gets a price cut down to face competition from Google Pixel 2


Very soon Google will start shipping their new devices Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL. As these smartphones are soon hitting the market with the amount of buzz that they have already created other companies are trying to fight even before the competition arrives. Andy Rubin’s Essential product has seen a price slash as they plan to cut down the price for company’s first smartphone. The Essential Phone- from $699 which is close to Rs. 45K to Rs. 32K which is around $499 as the new price.  The new company has done this to compete with big guns. Essential has done this as a part of their marketing strategy.


President and Chief Operating Officer of Essential, has something to say about this, Niccolo de Masi shared more information about the moves that the company is planning to make. “make it even easier for you to experience our products and our band.” Users can purchase the handset at the revised price from, he said.


As per the new price, this may help the brand Essential Phone to attract few more or new customers who have been keeping a close watch on Apple iPhone X as well, which goes on sale on November 3rd. Also, Google’s Pixel 2 XL, which started selling last month. Google Pixel 2 XL is almost double the price of Andy Rubin’s Essential phone and iPhone X is even more expensive than that.


As per the marketing research was done by few companies, the data shows that Essential phones are not the hot sellers and by no means, the sale is going to pick up. Even the data from these researchers were not appropriate enough to judge the accurate number of Essential products that have shipped from different channels.

As per the company, the price drop is happening for a limited period of time and is a part of some offer which will only last for some time. The offer will end on November 15th as per the company. Customers who are interested can avail this offer from the page.


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