एयरटेल 30 जीबी डेटा को मुफ्त देकर पोस्ट पेड यूजर्स को आश्चर्यचकित करता है।


In order to get this latest offer from Airtel, postpaid subscribers will have to go to the MyAirtel application which they can download on their smartphones, the app can be download from the Google Play store or Apple App store. Once you open the app you will see an automatic pop up which will request you to open the ‘surprise’. Click on the surprise pop-up and you will be eligible to receive 30GB of data for three months with a monthly cap of 10GB. As soon as you’ll select this, you will get a message regarding the additional data offer. Mr Gopal Vittal CEO of Airtel says, “Since the monsoons are approaching, we are sending another shower of data your way. We are delighted to share that we are extending the data surprise by another 3 months. Now you get the extra data for 3 more billing periods. All you need to do is claim your surprise on My Airtel app after 1st July 2017.”


The monthly limit for the offer is 10GB per month. Offer is valid only for postpaid users only, and the subscribers will get 10GB of free data each month, which will total up to 30GB. Sunil Mittal-led telco has just sent out an email to its subscribers, saying ‘Monsoon Surprise awaits you’, and under the offer, it has extended its ‘Holiday Surprise’ offer. The Airtel holiday surprise offer was originally introduced back in the month of April and was due to end by June end, as it has a 3 months validity period.


Airtel offer is similar to what Vodafone was providing to it’s users, a while back offered a while back. But Vodafone’s offer was 10GB data at the price of 1GB. However, Airtel is charging no money for this Surprise offer.


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